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Customs Clearance

By meticulously following the customs conventions in Turkey and around the world, we provide customs clearance consultancy during the transportation of your commercial materials. We offer you the most special customs clearance opportunities thanks to our wide customs clearance network that specializes in the export or import of commercial materials you want to export or import.


The most difficult, cost-determining and difficult to calculate part of international trade is the passage of materials through the customs process. In some cases, when you want to determine the material needed and buy or sell it, you need to do a lot of additional research and find the right consultants when the customs issue comes into play. That's why we don't leave your business to chance. We investigate your business and help you with your business in the most cost-effective way, without any surprises.


We aim to make your trade more competitive, reduce your costs and reduce your workload by offering the most advantageous and trouble-free customs clearance solutions to our customers. Together with our expert team, we are here to support you in your customs procedures and manage the process in the most efficient way. With Kilercik Global customs clearance services, we enable you to carry out your trade in the most reliable and profitable way. 

Image by Renaldo Matamoro
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